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The Odd Fellow Collection of Modern Diseases: Fibromyalgia, Dercum's Disease, Multiple Chemical

One has to wonder: new diseases... lots of new pollutants in the environment, or given to us, are these diseases all man-made or even iatrogenic (caused by health care)? Are they related? Are some of them the same thing?

I think all these odd fellow modern diseases reflect a similar phenomenon: the host immune system being unable to deal with contamination by modern man-made products. The immune system of humans is naive to complex modern chemicals and exposure to heavy metals. Remarkably the immune systems of most humans adapt to these by simply not eliciting much of a response. Others, the sufferers of these conditions, react to varying levels of intensity, to the point of complete self-destruction.

I have written before, Dercum's disease (Adiposis Dolorosa), painful mutifocal lipomas. my opinion is that it may represent one of the physical manifestations of heavy metal deposition, now commonly due to Gd. Lipomas and intervening fibrosis may all reflect action by the chronic immune cells like the circulating fibrocytes. Regarding fibromyalgia, many patients with GDD have been misdiagnosed as having fibromyalgia - is the opposite possible? That many cases of fibromyalgia are actually GDD. Regarding multiple chemical sensitivity, could this be an aberrant immune system handling of exposure to chemicals, primarily by the immune cells of the early immune system: excess leukotriene release, excess antibody release to multiple chemicals? This may be the cells of the early response immune system companion to GDD, which is primarily a hypersensitivity reaction with recruitment of chronic immune cells (so from early to mid to late immune reaction), and NSF, primarily a disease of the cells of the chronic immune system.

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