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Salad (1:4) These are a few of my favorite things

Almost no food should be cooked too much, because nutrients leach out with excess cooking. So avoid that. Here are just a sampling of what you should be eating.

A few of my favorite things:

Mediterranean diet elements:

  • olives

  • natural yogurt

  • natural kefir (yogurt drink)

  • fresh fish cooked in olive oil

  • low fat red and white meat

  • tomatoes

  • spinach

  • honey

  • peaches

  • apricots (pectin)

  • oranges

  • grape fruit (vitamin C)

  • red wine

  • spices: oregano, cilantro

Japanese diet elements:

  • salmon sushi

  • green tea

South Beach elements:

  • many from above

  • green salads

  • broccoli

  • beets

  • blue berries

  • Celery / celery juice

Indian food elements:

  • vegetarian dishes

  • spices: curcumin, curry, turmeric

Additional items:

  • alkaline water

  • maple syrup

Do your best to avoid these foods:

  • highly refined carbohydrates

  • carbonated soft drinks

  • highly processed food

  • saturated fats

  • highly processed foods containing chemicals

The above is a skeleton of the SALAD diet approach. Claire Semelka will be creating future blogs that detail more about diet, and also combine together elements of the above into an overall plan.

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