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Timeline of Flare and Recovery with DTPA chelation. It is a trendline, like the US stock market. Summary of Flares and Recovery for chelation sessions 1-4. Analysis with 6 years of research experience

I generally don't inform the individual of what I am looking for, because I want their unbiased analysis of how Flare and recovery has gone. But a number of people do keep asking me, and this is maybe important for practitioners to know.

The Flare/ Recovery features during early chelation sessions (chelation sessions 1-4)

There are overall trends with daily variations in Flare and recovery. The general trend line is first 0-4 days post-chelation, metal removal Flare is of moderate severity (the way we do chelation now).  Flare can dissipate a little over  days 5-7.

Day 7-14, some evidence of improvement. There are some periods, even just hours,but may be whole days, feeling a lot better.

Day 21 gradual return of symptoms from re-equilibration causing re-equilibration Flare.

With each subsequent chelation Flares become less severe and shorter, and Recovery more extensive and for longer periods of time.

A major sign I look for to decide when to pause on chelation is when the re-equilibration is very mild (reflecting that there is now less heavy metal to re-equilibrate) and then also doesn't progress days 30 - 60. In many respects I think it is analogous to the stock market from the perspective that there can be daily variations, but in a good market, the overall trend line is upper-wards, and to date, looking at the longterm of over 100 years the trend line is up, with occasional dramatic dips. I think it may simply be a function of how everything happens when things actually work.

Richard Semelka, MD


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