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Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Disease. A new and excellent umbrella term.

Immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs) is a term that encompasses auto-immune disease, auto-inflammatory disease, and diseases that are inflammatory in nature with a known cause. The reality is everything does have a cause, it is just whether we know what it is or not. We do know what causes GDD, that is what many of my blogs are on: it is gadolinium (Gd).

To rehash some points mentioned in prior blogs, fundamentally any substance/element that we come into contact with is potentially allergenic ( reactogenic- a new term that I will bring up in a future blog). It is especially remarkable how in the great majority of us, our immune system does not create adverse reactions to all kinds of substances injected into us, including those that are supposed to help us. If substances are not packaged in the way the body naturally goes through steps to process things, it may not do any help... but what is remarkable is that it often does not cause harm. Originally I had thought that the immune system simply ignores antigens presented to it, on all bodily surfaces (skin, lungs, GI tract) including intravascular. It turns out, that is not at all the case. I suspect with everything injected there is a cytokine response, and the more of the substance injected, the more cytokine response. But in circumstances where we don't react adversely to the substance, it is because the combination of cytokines released serve to suppress inflammation, and probably also communicate with many cells throughout the body, to not react,, and some cytokines/ cell products may additionally serve to block surface receptor channels on cells.

It would be fascinating to repeat what we reported on in DTPA chelation of GDD and GSC (Gad storage conditions - those who receive Gd but are fine : which is the great majority of people), and perform dynamic cytokine analysis to see what cytokines are released when other substances are injected intravenously. For example with vitamin C and glutathione infusions, which are done relatively commonly.

GDD is an IMIDs.

Richard Semelka, MD


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