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Do Certain Immune Cells Act as a Catalyst for SARS-COV2- (COVID 19) Infection?

This question really circles back to the observation that bats often contain. many lethal viruses, ebola, multiple corona species, and yet they are not sick from them, and the present thinking is that it is because their immune system ignores the viruses. By extension then, does reaction of immune cells to the virus serve as a catalyst to develop infection? Probably. But it is likely that it is a specific line of immune cells that act as a catalyst, whereas multiple other lines serve to do the principle function - which is to defend the host. Similar likely is also occurring with GDD, as I have mentioned repeatedly. Also another interesting comparison, recently described histologically with

The Goldilocks Principle - aiming for the sweet middle spot of treatment

Ventilator use is not an innocuous therapy, ventilator injuries are not rare, and too aggressive use of ventilators may cause more damage than benefit. This supports my general belief to employ cautious slight under-treatment for GDD- waiting to see if the patient can recover the rest of the way on their own. I have previously written that the individual sufferer has to determine what the best interval of chelation is for them based on their experience. If they are on weekly chelation and seem to go into FLARE and stay in a state of Flare, it tells us the frequency of chelation is too great. If the interval is out to 5-6 weeks (maybe because of COVID travel interruption) then the interval m

Revisiting Flare and le Chatelier

Gd is always on the move in your body, and naturally, especially if kidneys are normal, it is being eliminated. At some point beginning at about 3 months post-GBCA injection, the bulk has stationed mainly in bones, then skin, then in lesser concentration in other organs, such as brain, liver, etc. Movement continues, but to a much lesser degree. I believe the bone and skin deposition is the survival technique of the immune system/body to keep a great number of toxins away from vital organs (at least in mass). When we chelate, we are removing primarily from more accessible organs, and then lesser (but still occurring) amounts from other organs. So skin and white cells (mainly resting in the s

Dr. Semelka Announces Working With the Integrative Medical Clinic of North Carolina

This is updated of an earlier post. Dr Semelka now treats at the Integrative Medical Clinic of North Carolina. Amongst other changes this also allows patients to be seen by other highly trained physicians: Will Pendergraft MD, PhD and/or Julie McGregor, MD so the fullness of their medical care can be addressed, and not only GDD. Their services are usually covered by insurance. Booking concurrent appointment with Dr Will or Dr Julie on the dates of chelation makes sense. Integrative Medical Clinic of North Carolina 5915 Farrington Rd, Suite 106, Chapel Hill, NC, 27517 ph 984- 999-0902. As I have observed in multiple blogs there are two components to treatment: i) removing the gadolinium (Gd)

What the US Health Care System Should Do For Covid

What COVID19 has woefully exposed is the inability of the decentralized, nonuniversal health care system of the United States to manage appropriately a deadly pandemic. There has been: inadequate availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) from the start; marginal availability to date of critical equipment such as ventilators; inadequate testing for virus; inadequate case identification, isolation and contact tracing; insufficient public health personnel to carry-out contact tracing; wild-west use of erroneous antibody testing; 50 states randomly opening up their economies with varying strategies, often based on gut instincts of medically-naive governors; 50 states bidding up, also

My Prognostication of COVID-19 Plague

We have heard from many experts on TV their prognostication of COVID-19, and we have all, including me, expected some comprehensive knowledge that will guide us and calm us- but despite the hype they would give us the answers, we have been left with no answers. So here is my prognostication: First the source entries: 1. Most plagues historically have generally been awful for 2 years, then calmed down. This is regardless of anything being done. 2. Infectious agents result in sickness both based on their intrinsic lethality (both transmissibility and direct ability to damage/kill cells) and the host immune response (Again the two factors seen with GDD). 3. Susceptibility of the community. Age,

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