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Hydroxychloroquine - will it work for COVID-19?

Hydroxychloroquine is a drug with effectiveness against malaria organisms. These are unicellular protozoans, so not a virus, not a bacterium, but the most primitive forms of animals. Hydroxychloroquine has been used as a generic anti-auto-immune disease drug of low to medium potency, low to medium effectiveness, and relatively low toxicity (compared to high potency autoimmune disease drugs). It has been used for lupus with some efficacy. It is for this reason that I have used hydroxychloroquine as a drug member of the regimen I term AMASE (autoimmune medication and supplement envelope) because of its relatively low cost, low toxicity and efficacy as a generic autoimmune drug - the last reaso

Coronavirus COVID-19 and GDD: Be careful

GDD results in immune system dysregulation which also therefore will effect a person's ability to counteract infection with coronavirus COVID-19. At the same time, optimal treatment right now is DTPA chelation with concurrent immune system management with FRAME. Frame drugs will also dampen the ability to combat COVID- 19. My recommendation: 1. if you have new onset GDD, manage symptoms with at home approaches alone until COVID - 19 occurrence rate decreases. 2. If you are being treated for GDD with chelation and FRAME, minimize the dose of FRAME drugs, and if you can avoid them altogether. Realize and accept this will mean that Flare reactions will be worse. Chelation alone should not incr

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