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The personal cost of GDD

I have spent a lot of effort addressing my opinions of the scientific aspects of GDD, and some on insurance coverage shortcomings. I have not really addresses the personal costs of GDD, yet these are extremely common and extremely painful. In many respects all issues tie together. Big problems of GDD sufferers include: most doctors dismiss that individuals with normal renal function can be sick from Gd (and some are quite abusive about this) and most patients visually appear relatively normal, despite feeling very sick. The net result, if family members hear that doctors think that the subject cannot be sick from Gd and that the subjects themselves look fairly well - it is also not surprisin

How do I know if I should continue with chelation?

How do I know if I should continue with chelation? This is one of the most common questions asked of me. Often times the patient quotes their 24 hr urine Gd amount, and is disappointed if it is still high post-chelation (for example higher than 10 mcg per 24 hrs). DTPA can essentially always get Gd out of bone. I also worry when patients continue to keep getting more chelations, well beyond 20 (50 +) and are still doing badly. I always look at the combination of pre-chelation and post Ca-DTPA chelation urine (not other chelators). This tells me if DTPA is still removing more Gd than the native elimination. Clearly if the value post chelation is more than 4 times greater than pre-chelation th

Heavy metals in urine testing: Transient vs Persistent heavy metals in the body

I have written a few blogs that discuss, in part, the presence of other heavy metals in urine. Everyone tested for Gd have at least 5 other heavy metals, and all of them have lead. So everyone has multiple heavy metals and lead- so at a minimum everyone has Lead storage condition. Likely this field of heavy metals is a huge health care issue. What health issues do they represent, and how do they interact with eachother and with Gd. Empirically it is likely not good. One small good news, at least for those undergoing chelation, DTPA is excellent at removing lead (vastly superior to DMSA or EDTA), and most other heavy- but I am not sure all of them. Perhaps in 1-2 years time I may have the tim

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