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GDD and other systemic immune based diseases. A revisitation with emphasis on CRPS and Goldilo

GDD as I have written in many blogs, my theory is that it is fundamentally an immune system disorder with close disorder of the nervous system. I have postulated that the immune system issue is also responsible. for the nervous system condition, but this is not a sine qua non, they may be some form of conjoint twin, and not the immune system driving the neurological findings This blog revisits the subject with an over-arching umbrella, and will touch on subjects dealt more fully in other blogs- so read all of them. There are a considerable number of conditions, in one blog I called them Oddfellow conditions, that are systemic in nature, and I have come to the understanding that many are pro

Courage: Its Various Forms

Daily we have brought to our attention, acts of courage performed by health care workers during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. It also shows an advanced social empathy that the courage of the multitude of unheralded workers who carry on their work for the public good, despite the real danger to themselves, is also at times recognized. The janitorial workers in hospitals, ambulance drivers, spring to mind. This was beautifully acknowledged by the recently released song by Alicia Keys. Courage therefore is an interesting subject to discuss. All forms of courage are valuable...and brave... and most be heralded and recognized to perpetuate that impulse. of our better angels. Courage often involv

COVID-19 and GDD: Interesting similarities and differences

What I have emphasized very early on in my research on GDD is this essential feature: that disease depends on both the presence of the invading entity and the host response. 99.9% of recipients of a GBCA injection seem not to experience long-lasting consequences to receiving the antigen, while 0.01% experience lasting consequences (GDD) with 0.001% of the total of recipients experiencing extremely severe disease. Notice these numbers are similar to the mortality rate of the common Flu and also in the range of COVID-19 (0.5%) It has been interesting to learn that probably 50% of individuals who have the COVID-19 virus are asymptomatic. Yet despite being asymptomatic can still infect other ind

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