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Ferulic Acid: Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Another addition to the ideal diet for GDD and everything else.

I emphasize the importance of a healthy diet and select supplements to benefit GDD.. and essentially everything else. Ferulic acid possesses very good anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Overall for specific chemicals my opinion is: that the whole food entity is likely superior to selective chemicals, as there are likely a number of components that make the chemical effective, such as other co-effector chemicals and fiber.

Also I am firmly fixed on the concept of the Goldilocks principle: anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation has to be in the sweet spot. Too much of these entities has the deleterious effect of rendering the individual at risk for cancer and serious infection, since oxidative stress is a major weapon to combat these conditions. Whole foods generally do not have such a significant anti-oxidant or anti-inflammatory effect to endanger individuals.

Many healthy foods, vegetables and fruits contain Ferulic acid. Foods with high Ferulic acid content include oatmeal, corn on the cob, plain popcorn and whole rye bread.

Ferulic acid also enhances the effect of vitamins A, C, and E.

I am not entirely sure how effective any particular supplement or food item is. That said, when there is uncertainty, to err on the side of probably a very good idea scientifically, affordable, and not likely to cause harm (I have called this the Richard Semelka, MD triad) shows wisdom-sense. So eating foods like oatmeal and corn on the cob seems prudent. Also I recommend looking up on-line foods that are high in chemicals, that I (and others who are experts in nutrition.. I am not) endorse, and try to incorporate them in your diet. So oatmeal, granola, raisin brain are good breakfast options to eat regularly. Cooked corn, and beans as sides with lunch and dinner are reasonable.

Richard Semelka, MD


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