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Gadolinium Deposition Disease: Oral Presentation on Diagnosis; Who gets it;Treatment; Prognosis.

The link is to a presentation I delivered by ZOOM on April 17, 2024 to AHIMA - AZ Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Association. It covers diagnosis; who is most likely to get it; treatment; prognosis Talk was given relatively late at night, so not perfect. There is one erratum, later in talk I say thermodynamic stability is the same as kinetic stability. This is incorrect. Below is correct:

Thermodynamic stability is stability constant, reflects how tightly bound the heavy metal is to the ligand/chelator.

Kinetic stability is the rate at which intact GBCA comes apart as Gd and ligand, which applies to any heavy metal and ligand/chelator.

Talk otherwise is pretty good and comprehensive. It lasts one hour so you may want to bypass the Intro.

Passcode: Z1#H3UTF (recommend copy & paste the passcode)

Richard Semelka, MD


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