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Man-made Toxins. What will happens to us? GDD and Beyond.

I started my quest protecting people from health care, by drawing attention to GDD, From there it was a short step to Heavy Metal Deposition Disease.... But then dealing with that, it becomes unavoidable to consider: PFAS, glysophates, and microplastics.

Consider that for 1 million years of human evolution, our immune systems did not have to deal with large categories of man-made toxins... Over the last 70 years suddenly we are confronted by atleast 4 major categories of toxins, that we have essentially created: 1) heavy metals; 2) PFAS; 3) glysophates; and 4) microplastics.

Is this how humanity will end, not with a bang but a chemical whimper?

I have described with the Gadolinium toxicities 3 large categories of host immune reactions:

1) immediate (acute hypersensitivity reactions) primary cells Mast cells.

2) immediate- subacute (GDD) primary cells T cells (my theory).

3) chronic (NSF) primary cells involved bone-marrow derived cd 34+ cells, major cell circulating fibrocytes. This last category actually reflects how the host deals with invaders that it cannot kill, and therefore has to encapsulate/ and/or store.

This last category, at the least, pertains to all of these toxins.

Essentially 100% of North Americans are storing heavy metals, PFAS, glysophates, and microplastics in their bodies. Many are also beset with their native immune system altered (in a bad way) by excess antibiotic use. If we are to think of our immune system as a gladiator doing battle with outside angry forces wanting to kill it - we have saddled the gladiator with tying one hand behind its back, both legs bound together, and a ball-in-chain on the hop-scotch bound legs . It is quite remarkable that we are able to avoid any serious misadventure: infection, cancer, autoimmune diseases, based on how we have hampered our immune system and host defenses. Essentially we have a status quo of imprisoned heavy metals, PFAS, glysophates, and microplastics, and add in atleast several viruses and perhaps some parasites. We have to keep all them in check and then somehow have to deal with something additional.

No doubt Fibromyalgia, for one disease, is a reflection of overburdening our host defenses.

Moving forward we have to take stock on all these chemicals and classify what they are doing to us, in order to understand the diseases, and hopefully come up with treatments. These are my categories of important properties:

  1. Intrinsic Durability of Retention. Gadolinium for example does have intrinsic durability, comparable to the durability of lead. This could be given a numerical classification for comparison purposes: 10/100 scale would be reasonable for Gd/Pb. What are these numbers for these other toxins?

  2. Percent retention of administered dose. This also has to consider the host ability to eliminate the retained toxin. For example initially Gd probably has an intrinsic retention of 1%, but through kidney elimination and sweating this amount likely experiences a 5% annual spontaneous elimination (that is 5% per year of the retained 1%). This would be spontaneous elimination rate. What are these values for other toxins?

  3. Intrinsic Toxicity of Retention. There are also many factors involved in this: a) interference with normal cellular function (eg: by inserting itself in a physiological pathway, such as Gd inserting itself for Ca at neuronal synapses), b) direct chemical toxicity, and c) other destruction pathways such as radioactivity (eg: plutonium and uranium). Also storage location will have influence on this. Three major sites of 'safe' storage (which the body strives for) are bone, skin, and fat, Fat is probably the safest, but is there any surprise that obesity is so common in the US over the last 50 years. Gd and Pb are stored in bone and skin. What about these others? In looking at film reels from the 1950s and 1960s and seeing fogging with DDT (watered down agent orange) with a deep cloud of toxin with the pool filled with children - it is likely that strange diseases like Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis observed in 50 - 60 yr old men today may be related to this?

  4. Potentiation/Additive Properties of Toxic Effects. There can be no doubt that there is a certain amount additive toxicities among the heavy metals. It would seem obvious this should also occur between members of different toxin groups. What we do recognize from GDD is that pre-existent Tcell dysregulations predispose to it (eg: chronic Lyme disease, chronic EBvirus disease) and it itself predisposes to future Tcell dysregulations (eg:autoimmune diseases).

Beyond GDD, what simple things can be done for all these toxins?

  1. As with the American park system 100 years ago, American billionaires should be focused on cleaning up pollution in the planet and not blasting into outerspace, so we start ruining outerspace as we have done to our planet over the last 100 years. I am focused on the ocean

  2. Improve garbage maintenance. Don't rely on ruining natural spaces in underdeveloped nations to burn our garbage.

  3. Drastically reduce the use of plastics. Cellulose products exist and can be substituted for essentially all plastic packaging and containers/ bags, etc. For food packaging wood paper products should be universally used/mandated and styrofoam and other plastics immediately stopped.

  4. Reduce reliance on chemicals for farming and for health care, and focus more on developing natural methods, but in escalated numbers. Dragonflies for mosquitoes, and not agent orange, as an example.

  5. Pay attention to health issues and do not sweep them under the carpet. GDD comes to mind, but ofcourse Agent Orange and cigarettes, two other examples, before it.

Richard Semelka, MD


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