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Brain Fog. Hypothesis for COVID Long Haul. Also true for GDD?

A recent paper has formulated a hypothesis for Brain Fog due to Covid Long Haul. As I have mentioned in prior blogs, that it is wise to pay attention to treatments for Long Haul, as they should also show benefit for GDD, as both conditions are Tcell Dysregulations. This also applies to diagnosis.

This recent study has reported that brain fog in Covid Long Haul may due to astrocyte glutamatergic dysregulation, essentially causing a glutamate homeostasis dysregulation. This results in neural inflammation. They also postulate that cytokine mediation may be involved in the inflammation of Brain Fog. Their postulation for treatment was to address the glutamatergic dysregulation, with therapies (that possibly may work).

Applying my earlier. consideration that issues that relate to Covid Long Haul should also relate to GDD. I have focused on pro-inflammatory cytokines as the principal mediator for brain fog. This still is my opinion as the major cause, but glutamatergic dysregulation in astrocytes may be the final step in this process.

The beauty of GDD, if one can say such a thing, is that it is possible to deal with the root cause: removal of Gd from the body. Most other conditions, treatment is centered on some final step in the disease process, which may or may not be effective, and likely carries their own toxicities, and then there is the ongoing, perhaps permanent drug treatment.

This is why I tell patients who worry that they may have GDD and we undergo diagnostic chelation to ascertain if GDD is what they suffer from. I always tell them, let us hope you Flare with chelation because virtually every other disease you could have is much worse, and may result in horrible deaths. GDD we can treat, most other things we can only manage, and often manage poorly.

So with the first chelation, I always hope you Flare (manageable Flare ofcourse), because GDD we can treat the root cause, and bring you to near cure... at this point almost all the options we can't treat-to-cure and they are much worse.

So brain fog in GDD may reflect astrocyte glutamatergic dysregulation.. but the starting (and I believe continuing and finishing) treatment is to address the root cause > remove Gd as best you can with the best approach.

Richard Semelka, MD


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