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DTPA chelation- doing it well is not as easy as it looks.

This is a short blog, cutting out a segment of a communication with a Podcast operator. With the Summer Olympics fast upon us, there is some timing relevance to it as well.

Doing well with chelation to a large extent reflects how well it is done. I use water polo as an example, watching it at the summer Olympics, swimming around, treading water, throwing a ball in a net, how hard can that be? It turns out to do it at an Olympic level is extremely hard and nuanced. Even knowing that, as an avid tennis player and seeing the tremendous growth of paddle ball, I still at times have to catch myself as mis-thinking: how hard can that be to be a world expert- it turns out for that too, it can be extremely hard and nuanced. Same is true for chelation, with an important difference, this is about a person's (your) life, and not about watching something on tv. To do chelation as I do it now, is nuanced and thoughtful. I suspect chelation at a center I have not heard of in Texas may use EDTA for chelation and certainly wouldn't be doing it in combination with acute hypersensitivity drug regimen. This is what I do: graduated DTPA chelation and acute hypersensitivity drug regimen, and attention to chelation time intervals.

Sounds easy... but it ain't.

Richard Semelka, MD


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