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Injury Recovery. Gadolinium, Other Drugs, Loved Ones. They Follow Similar Pathways. Biology Driven?

Injuries come in many forms: both physical and psychological. Physical injuries come from bodily injuries such as motor vehicle accidents, Gadolinium Toxicity, and Toxicity from other drugs. Psychological injuries from loss of a relationship and death of a loved one.

I suspect all of them are driven by cytokines and other inflammogens, that have a general timeline for recovery.. Conservative management with helpful detoxification therapy.... types beyond the scope of this blog... recovery happens in certain timelines for all of them in virtually the same pattern.

Mild injury (for example one time dose of GBCA and mild GDD from it, one time exposure of an anticholinergic drug with mild anticholinergic effects, death of a pleasant relationship or a favorite aunt. Recovery generally takes about 6 months.

Moderate injury of all these forms: moderately severe GDD from 1 agent or a few exposures, moderately severe reaction to other drugs, death of a close relationship or of a parent, recovery takes 2 years. With Gadolinium and other drugs this represents some combination of progressive elimination of the agent, the immune system learning to ignore it, and other body systems learn from the immune system as it calms down. This basic property occurs with other drugs, that may also be stored in other storage systems like fat. Psychological loss of a parent, progressively the number of days one thinks of them and their passage, decreases from daily, to weekly, and the memories no longer are routinely sad, but one recalls happy memories.

Severe injury from all these injuries, Gadolinium toxicity treated by conservative measures, severe drug toxicity where specific removal does not exist, severe trauma from motor vehicle accident, death of a young child. Complete recovery dose not occur and pain may be permanent. Hopefully some of these can be lived with with a reasonable quality of life, many cannot.

In my opinion there is no greater psychological injury than the death of a young child by gun violence or similar. This is a loss that is never recovered from, but a number learn to manage it, but it is painful for the parent's entire life with no remission..

It may well be that if in the future the cytokine patterns of these various injuries can be discovered, there may be a way to interrupt the destructive pathways that many result in.

Gadolinium toxicity distinguishes itself in that the offending agent can be physically removed, so the timeline for recovery can be shortened. Most injuries simply recover with the passage of time... In biological terms, the immune system learns to calm itself down, and to some extent retained offending particles are sequestered. This is facilitated by effective appropriate supportive measures, which differs for all the injuries.

Richard Semelka, MD


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