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GDD associated with antibiotic use: application of SALAD strategy

There have been a number of patients who have described the following scenario: infection (post back surgery, mastitis, etc), extensive antibiotic use, MRI with GBCA to evaluate the status of infection. Development of GDD.

I have addressed this subject as part of a few blogs: GDD arising because of partial destruction of the host microbiome by antibiotics. Many articles have recognized the importance of the bacteria in our gut to maintain our overall health. I am a great believer in this concept: that the microbiome is a critical component of our immune system.

So following the concept of the trilogy: 1) makes scientific sense, 2) not expensive, and 3) not likely to do any harm: dietary additions to restore the microbiome is an A+ for obvious.

I favor high quality yogurt, kefir, supplemented with other conventional mildly fermented foods: sauerkraut, kimchi. Beer and wine of course provide both fermented beverage and other positive effects of alcohol (remember, everything in moderation). A number of probiotic supplements are also available - may seem reasonable to try them.

It may seem prudent to be cautious of MRI with GBCA use in individuals who have recently had massive antibiotic intake. Especially if they are white, female, and have a history of autoimmune disease.

Stay tuned on the latest advancements:

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