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Are most cases of Fibromyalgia really GDD?

This observation was buried in an earlier blog but really should be at the forefront. Both conditions have a strong neuralgia component to it, with Fibromyalgia mainly a neuralgia. Both are new diseases. The use of GBCAs are new. The underlying cause of fibromyalgia is unknown.

My opinion: many cases of fibromyalgia are actually GDD. An important tip-off, if the symptoms of presumed fibromyalgia developed shortly after the administration of GDD: the disease is likely GDD. A recently treated patient of mine informed me that circulating among the GDD network is the impression that a very accomplished female entertainer, who has been told that she has fibromyalgia, had symptoms develop shortly after a GBCA injection. Almost certainly then GDD, and should be treated with DTPA chelation and FRAME and AMASE.

It is also a little frightening to think that maybe a lot of symptoms associated with diseases in which patients get frequent MRIs, maybe many of the symptoms are from GDD and not the primary disease.

How to prove that Fibromyalgia is actually GDD. 24 hr urine for Gd, pre- and starting immediately after a full dose Ca-DTPA administration (the very best, by far, provocation). If urine Gd levels go considerably up following chelation AND Flare symptoms develop > voila, you have GDD and should be treated for that.

This is what we do at our clinic in Chapel Hill. Other centers can also do this.

Stay tuned on the latest advancements:

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