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Healing yourself

I have mentioned in earlier blogs that you have to take a Zen approach to your health care (you are responsible for your health care). This is especially true with GDD, until knowledge becomes more generalized in the medical community, and standard treatments become more reproducibly and comprehensively effective. But, you need to be informed. This is why I write so many blogs, to benefit the world community of sufferers, and to guide practitioners and researchers. Regarding the last point: if you think I am wrong then do a scientific study proving your point. I am certain that with a number of issues that my theories may be only partly correct - but that is what studies are for: to reveal the truth... But few accomplish that. I have written a number of blogs on limitations of studies and GDD.

Claire, has brought to my attention a number of video programs that discuss alternative treatment, healing, mind-body healing, and related subjects.

There is no question, that in complex diseases, such as GDD, a multiprong approach is necessary. There are potentially multiple factors that predispose to GDD, and perhaps only a few individuals may have any all of the preconditions. I mentioned in one blog about childhood trauma - I did not finish the point that perhaps only a few sufferers may have that as a predisposing factor. The main point being to treat all potential factors that may contribute to the disease.

One critical thing to remember is that the body does have a tremendous capacity to heal itself. Sometimes, just staying out of the way of your body self-healing may be the best thing to do.

No disrespect intended, but when I hear miraculous healing stories, since the majority are anecdotes, uncontrolled, and there is no comparison arm of other treatments, perhaps the only thing that happened with a mind-body healing, is that time passed and the individual's body self-healed. This may be considered a variant on the Chinese philosophy of Wu Wei: the active pursuit of doing nothing.

So, when I hear someone was cured of cancer with alternative techniques, I ask myself: did they really have cancer to begin with?

This is not to say that 'miracles' may not occur; why shouldn't, at least rarely, the immune system suddenly trigger itself: "these cells are cancer, let's kill them" or "these cells are infection, let's kill them".

The concept of guiding the immune system is the new direction of cancer treatment with therapies like CAR-T therapy.

There may be no better example of the power of self-healing than a bone healing. By 3 months, there is relatively solid healing, and by 6 months relatively strong bony healing. The important thing is to make sure the bones are in good position and alignment and the body heals itself. It turns out many single shot injuries do follow this same path, by 3 months, much better, by 6 months essentially normal. This certainly is true of infections where the host (that is us) is able to prevent the proliferative nature of disease, and also of many single event drug exposures.I am not convinced that with many musculoskeletal surgeries (back surgery high ion the list) that the principle effect is the rest after surgery, and physiotherapy> and the surgery was just simply another injury the body had to heal from.

With proliferative disease, infections and cancers, generally the host needs help in killing the invaders, and the best help may be simply training the immune system to recognize the invaders.

GBCAs and Gd for GDD patients, are different than a single incident injury, such as a fracture, as there is persistent substance left in the host that perpetuates the self-destructive host response. But at the same time, it is not proliferative, so self-healing is possible. That is why I prefer to delay treatment for 3 months to 6 months, the self-healing window the host needs. GDD becomes proliferative-like if repeat GBCA injections occur after the disease has developed. That is why the principle treatment for GDD is never to get a repeat GBCA injection. Once there is a lot of Gd in the body, managing the host immune system likely becomes essential - simple removal of Gd may not be enough.

Don't get in the way of self-healing.

Stay tuned on the latest advancements:

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