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Skin and bone tumors developing after GDD diagnosis

A number of patients have described to me that they have developed a number of new skin or bone tumors that have appeared since GDD developed. I had to think about this for some time, and hear a number of reports before considering that there is likely a causal relationship and to postulate a mechanism.

As I have written in earlier blogs describing the immune system reaction to Gd, circulating CD34+ fibrocytes and bone marrow cell infiltrates are marshalled to manage Gd. My opinion is that these cells function to a large extent to quarantine or isolate Gd into tissues that their presence can cause less damage to the overall health of the host than it would do in soft organs like liver, kidneys and brain (although Gd does go to these organs). So the presence of a high concentration of Gd in skin and bone is not accidental but in part a deliberate action of chronic immune cells.

So these chronic immune cells concentrate Gd in these organs, this alone should predispose to the development of tumors, because of the presence of a high concentration of a toxic substance. On top of that, these cells release a multitude of inflammogens, a number of which have the property to enhance growth - such as VEGF.

Therefore it makes sense that tumors should occur after the quarantining of Gd in skin and bones. To date, it seems the majority are benign tumors, but this is the common circumstance of mesenchymal (connective tissue/stroma) type tumors: benign tumors are about 100 times more common than malignant tumors. This is not to say malignant tumors don't occur.

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Richard Semelka, MD. Consulting

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