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Addressing questions on GDD

1. My opinion, based on research to date, is that GDD has a genetic basis. A number of sufferers have taken exception and have been alarmed by this, with their impression that I am saying that they are responsible for their own disease - that they are guilty. This is absolutely not the case. My opinion is that perhaps essentially all diseases have some form of genetic basis, which varies from relatively minor to very strong. BRCA1 and BRCA2 and breast cancer (and other cancers); colon cancer; polyposis syndromes and colon cancer; to name just a few. Because you have a genetic predisposition to the disease, neither makes it your fault, nor does it mean you should be ignored and not treated. We don't blame breast cancer patients if they have BRCA1. This is also why I focus on the near term future that we should identify and screen for the genes of GDD, and other diseases, so that we as health care providers do not give people things that will make them sick.

2. A giant in MR contrast design and research had wondered if GDD patients had suffered from childhood trauma as the cause for their disease, and another integrative medicine expert also opined on this subject for patients (look into childhood abuse and neglect, NICE guidelines). I did not say this was my opinion, actually far from it, and I have actually disputed this notion. None-the-less my recent blog on additive therapy relates to this (although I don't specifically mention it), if this is responsible in some individuals for perhaps 1% of the severity of disease, this should be addressed. I am not sure if the incidence is any different than for the general population. Diseases that are clearly directly related to this are entities: like depression, obesity, antisocial behavior, back pain. Not GDD.

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