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What should I be doing when I get chelation?

A few points are somewhat essential to do during chelation and some also make empiric sense.

1. The intention of chelation is that Gd is picked up and eliminated in the urine. So it is essential to help this process by keeping your oral fluid content high. Remember not to overdrink (that is till you feel sick) because this may make you very ill from water intoxication. Drink till your thirst is completely resolved.

2. Do not take supplements during chelation. In general 1 day prior to chelation to 2 days after chelation you should not be taking supplements. Not that they will cause you harm, but because the minerals you are taking in (such as Zn or magnesium) will compete with Gd to be taken up by DTPA and eliminated. So it is because you don't want to reduce the amount of Gd that is being removed. A number of centers have also given some types of solutions iv that contain native metals (for example Magnesium solution) to reduce the Flare reaction. They may achieve reduced Flare, but it is because now less Gd is being removed. This may not be a good trade-off.

3. Do take supplements (often times a multivitamin that contains minerals) also drinks (gatorade, etc) that contain minerals beginning on day 3 after chelation and continue, in order to restore minerals removed by chelation. Also alkaline water usually contains minerals (read the label), so drink this liberally at day 3. If you are taking some product to help with your condition and don't know if it contains minerals, I would recommend holding off during this chelation window (1 day before chelation to 2 days after chelation).

4. Alkaline water often contains minerals, so this may compete with Gd during the window of chelation. This is likely not a huge problem, but you could drink standard water over this chelation window. I don't think it matters, the benefit of alkalinity may outweigh the downside of contributing competing minerals.

5. Activity. Mild activity, like walking, to keep the blood flow especially from the legs to mobilize Gd. Some sunshine, some sweating, probably good. Avoid intense activity. This will cause a metabolic acidosis, which will adversely effect the Gd removal process.

6. Resting. When resting keep legs slightly elevated to facilitate removal of Gd from lower legs and feet. For the same reason keep the arms slightly elevated. Use 1-2 pillows to achieve this elevation.

7. Window of Gd removal. The majority of Gd is removed over the 24 hour period after the chelation. Some effect is still present up to 48 hours, after that it tails off, but probably even minimal increased removal occurs for 7 days. Make sure you help the removal process when it is maximal.

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