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Can someone get GDD after just one GBCA injection, even if it is macrocyclic?

Most people do not get sick from GBCAs. PERIOD... Doesn't matter if they received 1 or 20, or if it is linear or macrocyclic. GDD is relatively rare - which is one of the reasonable explanations that radiologists and the manufacturers themselves generally want to deny its existence. Individuals who get GDD can get it after just one GBCA [linear or macrocyclic]; even after just 1 ml if it is a subcutaneous injection, MR arthrography, or other circumstances where the contrast is contained and not freely flowing through the vascular system; or it may arise after they have already received a few GBCAs and have been fine after the prior injections. It is rare that it starts completely out of the blue after 5 GBCA injections - but the fifth may be the first time symptoms are apparent. In my mind, where the biggest tragedy lies, is that a number of individuals will keep receiving GBCAs to figure out what is wrong with them, when it is GDD all along. With each injection they get progressively worse. Can people in the horrid situation of >20 with obvious physical limitations from it recover greater than 80%, even with the treatment we now offer? To be frank I am not sure ... Unless there is a major new understanding about the disease and how to treat it > we are working on just that.

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