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Most Important Paper to Date on Gd Toxicity

It may be that some of you are thinking that I am promoting the most recent paper I have written in Investigative Radiology on the critical nature of immune dampening when chelating patients for a deposition disease state. I describe GDD but it would be true for Lead DD, Mercury DD, etc.

But no, this is the paper:

Genome-wide toxicogenomic study of the lanthanides sheds light on the selective toxicity mechanisms associated with critical materials

View ORCID ProfileRoger M. Pallares, View ORCID ProfileDavid Faulkner, View ORCID ProfileDahlia D. An, Solène Hébert, Alex Loguinov, Michael Proctor, Jonathan A. Villalobos, Kathleen A. Bjornstad, Chris J. Rosen, View ORCID ProfileChristopher Vulpe, and View ORCID ProfileRebecca J. Abergel

See all authors and affiliations

PNAS May 4, 2021 118 (18) e2025952118;

This may be among the most important papers on the subject of cellular level toxic effects of Lanthanides (Gd they describe as a middle series Lanthanide), and their genetic basis . This is what I had been hoping for for ....4....years, that science groups look at various aspects of the toxic effects and where they are occurring, and the genetic aspects of GDD.

I think, so as not to frighten too much radiologists, FDA, etc, as I have also said for a long time, it is very interesting the various damages that Gd can cause to cells and tissues, but in some ways, as interesting is what mechanisms are present that avoids this in most humans. If we can identify the mechanisms of disease prevention this should certainly unlock understanding of autoimmune diseases, but I think of all antigen introduction diseases like infection and cancer.

In future to inject mRNA to turn off sensitivity to cytokine release in self destruction diseases: autoimmune, auto-inflammatory, GDD and other heavy metal DD; but also other mRNA to activate these mechanisms for infection (so we avoid antibiotics) and cancer.

Read it for yourselves: What will strike all of you, including physicians, how remarkably complex everything is regarding the damages from Lanthanide metals. When confronted by this, the approach I use is to consider the simplest strategy, if Gd can do all this variety of damages in some humans, in those humans then two things:

1. get the Gd out, and 2. manage the host immune reaction as you are getting it out.

The simplest answers are usually the best. You can/should also read my latest article in Investigative Radiology on Immune Dampening Strategies used concurrently with DTPA chelation.

Richard Semelka, MD


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