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New T-cell dysregulation can unmask prior T-cell dysregulations - even unknown ones.

In a recent blog I wrote how T-cell dysregulations predispose to new T-cell dysregulations. The corollary is also true: new T-cell dysregulations (for example GDD) can unmask pre-existent ones (for example pre-existent Lyme disease, H pylori gastritis, or EB virus).

We know from a number of viruses, that we never really get rid of them, but they are corralled, and can re-appear in the future- often at times of stress. This is classic for Herpes and for varicella (chicken pox/zoster). My suspicion is that many of us harbor atleast 10 different invading entities- from metals to chemicals to viruses to parasites to cancer, but our various members of the immune system keep them corralled or contained. In bones mainly, and especially in the central skeleton, and often in nerve roots around the central skeleton.

At moments of stress, and no greater stress than a new t-cell dysregulation, the immune cells lose focus on containing the invaders they have held captive, maybe for decades, and they can escape. Interestingly, when a number are released they may not necessarily cause symptoms/disease. This seems to be especially true for EB virus. The patient develops GDD, and suddenly they are positive for EB virus, but ostensibly not sick from it, Unfortunately, when some are released they cause havoc, and can complicate treatment for GDD.


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