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Organ donation with GDD

I have received a question about organ donation. I would not recommend donating organs for the purpose of helping someone else saving another person's life if you have GDD. My opinion is the fundamental issue is that your immune system has run off the guard-rails and is now attacking itself. This same phenomenon may occur in the transplant recipient. This can occur for example in liver transplant recipient of an individual who has primary sclerosing cholangitis, primary biliary cirrhosis and autoimmune hepatitis livers.

Organs for investigation of the disease is a different matter. To the present time when family members of decedents (polite word for dead people) with GDD have contacted me to ask whether their dead family member can be investigated for GDD and its damages, I have reached out to many centers, and as of the present have not had success/interest in studying the deceased bodies. Transportation would be among the issues with studying a deceased body.

So, donating organs to help people survive : no, don't do it.

Donating bodies to learn more about GDD : I have had no luck yet. The best may be to request the hospital where the person died to do an autopsy- and use the pathology articles on NSF and gadolinium associated plaques/fibrosis as guides for the local hospital pathologists.

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