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Stages of Treatment for GDD

This is a modernization and stream-lining of the stages of treatment for GDD: Stage 0. Healthy GDD diet. Mild exercise with emphasis on preserving range of motion. Elements previously described (and a more full list) and constantly added to: alkaline water (entertaining concept of hydrogenated water), food items like turmeric, cilantro, chlorella, peaches (natural anti-inflammatory and/or chelators), sun-shine, salt water. All patients at all times. Stage 0 alone for individuals from 0-3 months following inception of GDD. Many suffers may resolve with this alone. Never get another GBCA injection again. Stage 1. Chelating with strong chelator (currently only DTPA falls into this description

Predictors of Positive Treatment Response Flare

For the most part I have used the term Flare to describe the phenomenon of increased symptomatology following chelation therapy. I have also described this as reflecting mobilization of Gd, in essence the more Gd mobilized (which is a great thing) the more intense the Flare (which is a b ad thing and must be controlled). The term Flare-up has also been used for this process. The full description of this form of Flare is: positive treatment response Flare. This should be distinguished from worsening of the condition in. an episodic fashion, also termed Flare, and this is the general usage when describing many autoimmune diseases where Flare describes that the disease is undergoing episodic wo

A cautionary report

One of my erudite and (not related to this) humorous patients sent me this link to a cautionary report. I had previously written a blog, inspired by emails from another highly intelligent sufferer, about the incorporation of lead into supplement products produced in some Asian countries. This also ties into a Perspective in the New England Journal of Medicine: Cohen and Bass: Injecting Safety into Supplements - Modernizing the Dietary Supplement Law (NEJM Dec 19, 2019). After that lengthy introduction, here is the report: https://thepeopleschemist.com/chemist-exposes-5-deadly-pills/ I cannot say that I agree with everything he has written, although I like the article. I especially cannot esp

Supplements and Health products: Caveat Emptor

Caveat Emptor (Buyer beware). Many may be familiar with my concept of the Semelka trilogy, basically: if it is cheap enough, seems to make wisdom- or scientific-sense, and is very unlikely to make you worse, why not try it? This also reflects that: I don't know, neither does anyone else, because there is not sufficient peer-reviewed scientific literature to confirm the claims, BUT if it is cheap enough, seems to make wisdom or scientific-sense, and is very unlikely to make you worse, why not try it? I always have in the back of my mind, the body has a remarkable ability to mend itself, so it is difficult to exclude if you have taken some wonder drug, and are feeling better, maybe it is just

Gadolinium Deposition Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome (MCSS), or Both?

Do you have GDD, MCSS, or both? MCSS is atleast as nebulous a condition (actually much more so) than GDD, and I believe it is probably a not so dissimilar concept of an immune system reaction to foreign antigens. Treatment is different so sorting them out is somewhat important. MCSS is just as it sounds- when someone experiences one type, a few types, or many types of chemicals they react to it. They can ofcourse react to a GBCA as one of the chemicals. MCSS as a whole though results in symptoms that I describe as B symptoms for GDD, which include: head-ache, loss of energy, nausea, and vomiting. These symptoms can last for quite a while days or weeks (at times months+ longer), rather than h

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